Sample deed of Trust

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Charitable institutions can be formed by executing a Trust Deed. Trust deed is executed between a settlor and one or more of trustees. A settlor is who creates the Trust for some charitable purpose whereas the Trustees are the people who manage the trust. The settlor generally appoints the Trustees who can effectively run and manage the activities of the Trust according to the objectives of it. The following clauses are generally included in the Trust Deed:

  1. Creation of Trust
  2. Registered Office
  3. Trustees
  4. Objectives of the Trust
  5. Benefits of the Trust
  6. Properties of the Trust
  7. Power of the Trustees
  8. Roles and Responsibilities
  9. Appointment of Trustees
  10. Cessation of Trusteeship
  11. Meetings
  12. Accounts and Audit
  13. Bank account
  14. Amendments to the Trust Deed
  15. Application of Income of the Trust Fund
  16. Remuneration to the Trustees
  17. Activities of the Trust
  18. Dissolution of the Trust


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