FAQ’s for Good Karma

Yes. Our Accounting Services are very comprehensive and includes most of the financial processes that an NGO has including Payroll Services. Infact, employees of our NGO clients can receive their Payslips, Tax workings etc on their mobile handsets.

Yes. Books of Accounts is based on the design of the Chart of Accounts. If the NGO requires multi-locational accounting information or Programme based Accounting Information or FCRA Books of Accounts, the same is inbuilt in the manner in which the Chart of Accounts is set up.

Many Grant Agreements, specify the line items in which they would like to see the Expenditure reported on, which they term as a Utilisation Report/Grant Report. On sign off of a Grant Agreement, our Good Karma Accounting team reviews the same and examines the changes required in the Chart of Accounts to facilitate easy generation of periodic Grant Reports from the Accounting Software. This makes NGO management comfortable on their ability to track Grant Expenditure and ensure easy conformance to Grant Reporting.

Good Karma team provides a comprehensive package of accounting services with the deployment of technology with timely reports, to help management in decision making and concentrate on their core programs.  Our endeavor is to enable financial transparency, the credibility of our client NGO’s to the public at large.

We are flexible and can work with a hybrid model of services which is a team effort between the NGO’s own Accountant and our team.

Yes, a detailed bi-directional SLA is mutually agreed upon to enable the measurement of quality, accuracy, knowledge, and efficiency of our Good Karma Accounting Services with a directional path for continuous improvement aligned to the growth and sustainability of our NGO clients.

It is the best time to work with us as a startup NGO, as we assist and guide you in framing the policies and procedure to be followed in the organization, we can help you in defining the financial processes, which shall act as a strong foundation for your organization.

We have a Good Karma SaaS products suite which shall enable the NGO to automate  its operations and provide visbility to the stakeholders.

Good Karma team has a vendor management tool which makes the submission of the documents/bills very easy for book keeping. Bi-monthly the hard copies can be submitted to our office for audit trail.

Yes, we also help the NGO’s in uploading the payments for the authorizer’s approval and also assist them in fund management.

Yes,  we do all the audit prep work including workings and Schedules to facilitate a smooth and easy audit by external independent Statutory Auditors.

Yes, Good Karma team can help you in providing time to time reports relating to Service Income as well as Grant Income and where applicable prepare and assist in filing GST Returns.

Yes. Be it Provident Fund, Employees State Insurance, Professional Tax etc.

Yes, Good Karma team can make a plan of transitioning the Accounting function with a cut off date and takeover the responsibility.

No, Good Karma team works on off-site model.